Dumfries 29.6.–7.7.2019

Haku tähän kesälukioon 2019 päättynyt.


16–19-year-old upper secondary school students, preferring those approaching end of studies (15-17-year-old students see: Summer School in England)

Head teacher
Oona Piipponen

Summer High School Association (Kesälukioseura) and University of Glasgow, Dumfries campus

puh. 09 686 0770,
toimisto (at)

Applying to summer high school
Fill in the application form online by the 31st of March.

Course fee (lue lisää)
850 € (incl. return flight Helsinki–Edinburgh, transportation, accommodation, full board, program, field trips and group travel insurance)

See the cancellation policy.

HUOM! Kesälukio järjestetään, jos osallistujia on vähintään 20. Kaikki hakijat eivät välttämättä mahdu mukaan.

Haku tähän kesälukioon 2019 päättynyt.

Want to improve your English? Crave to be more secure with your spoken language? Maybe even interested in studying abroad? Join the adventure in Scotland!

At Dumfries University Campus, by the bonny moors and castles, you can join the new summer high school with three qualified and internationally experienced teachers from Finland guiding you: a Dumfries alumnus Oona Piipponen and two high school English teachers Kevin McCarthy and Tiina Rautiainen. You will meet new friends, visit beautiful places, see both nature and culture all-the-while using English both in and out of classroom.

Aye, ye’re going ta hear various dialects an’ notice that ye underston mair than ye ken!

As a university campus town, Dumfries has people from all over the UK as residents, which makes it an ideal environment to practice both speaking “university English” and wrapping your head around different dialects.


You can complete an advanced (syventävä) or applied (soveltava) oral English course. You will take an oral English exam in your own school to complete ENA8. Please agree upon course compensation with your own school beforehand.

The course is immersive (kielikylpy) and we will use English as much as possible.

ENGLANTI, A-KIELI Viesti ja vaikuta puhuen (ENA8)
We will immerse in English in active classes, utilizing the environment whenever we can, letting you practice in everyday situations rather than the classroom. The local university teachers will also give two fun half-day conversation lessons, and we will have the opportunity to see the local graduation day.

Other activities

We will visit the town of Dumfries, the nearby Caerlaverock castle and other cultural and nature sites, including a walk along river Nith. Various free time activities (in English) will help you befriend your classmates and lift the team spirit, which makes learning more fun and effective!

If possible, a pre-meeting in Finland will be arranged.