Please read the more specific information on each summer high school’s own introduction page.
If you are unsure about something, you are always welcome to ask: toimisto (at), +358 (0)9 686 0770.

Please read our cancellation policy before applying. This cancellation policy only applies to summer high schools whose organizer is Kesälukioseura, and not all summer high schools presented on this website.

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Application form

Personal information

to Kesälukioseura processing the information I provide on this form in accordance with its Privacy Statement, to decide on admittance or to forward the application to the organizer of my chosen summer high school, and to inform me about the decision. If I am a minor, my guardian gives their consent.
This information helps us with accommodation arrangements, such as room division.
by the end of the application period.

Background information

Following information helps us with student selections and practical course planning.
Tell us especially if you have previously applied but couldn't come then.