Helsinki, 5.12.2021

This event has been cancelled due to the worsening COVID situation.

High school and vocational school students and other young people (aged 15-19) interested in internationality

Kesälukioseura in cooperation with Suomen Lukiolaisten Liiton (SLL) and Finlands Svenska Skolungdomsförbund (FSS)

Allianssi-talo (East Pasila, near Pasila station)
Asemapäällikönkatu 1

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The event is free of charge, including light lunch

tel. 09 686 0770,
toimisto (at) kesalukioseura.fi

Suomen lukiolaisten liitto
FSS Finlands Svenska Skolungdomsförebund

This event has been cancelled due to the worsening COVID situation.

Lue suomeksi.

Have you missed travelling and meeting new people?

Even Summer high schools abroad were canceled both 2020 and 2021, but we still want you to have the opportunity to gain international experiences and learn about cultures. So we invite you to spend a delightful international day with us! The world is opening up, and this is the place to start.

The free-entry Abroad at Home Festival draws from the best things that our courses offer (and from the budget of canceled summer high schools), bringing people and cultures from different countries together.

The program is filled with stories, conversations, dance and music, stand-up comedy, food and even a mini language course!

We want to keep the spirit warm and homey – to make it a perfect environment to refresh your English skills, even just by listening in.

The spoken language throughout the event is English. Admission is free, but you do need to sign up!

Please note that the Festival is aimed at students aged between 15 and 19, so parents and teachers should sit this one out (though we love you too).


The program consists of several small, partially overlapping program bits, which you can participate in as you wish. Please join us for the whole duration!


Sun 5.12.2021 from 11 am to 5 pm


Helsinki Ceilidh Band: Scottish Ceilidh joint dance
Live music and a dance party the Scottish/Irish fashion! Ceilidh (or cèilidh) means spending the evening together with food and dance, though the various joint dances have become almost synonymous to ceilidh. No previous experience or any dance skills are required! Traditionally the ceilidh band first teaches the steps to the crowd, everyone rehearses together and then we dance. Having fun is much more important than staying in rhythm!

Story Time: Meaning of Home
What and where is home? Tahmine Mehr, a woman of Afghan background, talks about life in two cultures through her own story.

Country presentation: Morocco through the eyes of a Moroccan
Imane Bouraqqadi talks about the nature, history and present of her home country. Or will she? What would you talk about if you were asked to introduce your own country? Summer high schools abroad often include an evening, when students from each country present their home country and culture in their own way. A new summer high school cooperation might be brewing in Morocco. So now it’s Morocco’s turn to introduce itself!

Beginner’s Arabic the fun way
Imane Bouraqqadi invites you to learn your first words in Arabic. Perhaps she will spark your interest in this useful world language? “I want them to have fun! Maybe a challenge or a competition? If it’s at the same time as a dance program, I will have my own dance.” Imane announced joyfully when being asked to teach.

Write your own name in Arabic
Yep, that’s it! Come and learn how, get a nice keep-sake. Imane Bouraqqadi will teach you.

لا استطيع الكتابة بالعربية

Late lunch: Spanish tapas
Tortilla española, patatas bravas & aioli, mojete, tapenade, manchego and olives, among others, are included in this delicious buffet table. No meat (some vegan options included).

Travelling without flying
There is a good enough reason to feel “flight shame” these days, and many do. BUT, if you still plan to travel, would you consider doing it without flying? When would it reduce the CO2 emissions of your trip and by how much? How far could you get? How long would it take you? How much would it cost? Hear from Oras Tynkkynen (Sitra), who joins us from Budapest via remote connection.

Summer high schools abroad – info and Q & A
Non-profit summer high school courses take place not only in Finland but in other countries, too. What? Where? Could you go too? What if you can’t afford it? For goodness’ sake, what are they all about? Juuli Jalavala, the education coordinator from Kesälukioseura, tells you more and answers questions!

Stand up: Ray Zambino and Fredi Lilius
Everything ends in tears… of laughter! They are offered by two renowned stand-up comedians: Scottish-Finnish Ray Zambino will perform in English and multilingual Fredi Lilius in Swedish. This is the finale and afterwards we say good-bye and good night!


Mini fair: international organisations
Get to know some of the non-profits and groups working with international stuff in Finland. There are small stands in the hall with hosts you can talk to.

Games and other stuff to do
Not very good at mingling? Perhaps you need some time to yourself or prefer doing something with people instead of striking up conversation. We’ve got you. Sit down at a table and play a jigsaw puzzle or a board game.

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This event has been cancelled due to the worsening COVID situation.

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