Namibian kesälukio

Windhoek 17.6.—1.7.2018

Huomaathan, että tämä on esittely kesän 2018 kesälukiosta.


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Kesälukioon hakeminen:
Täytä hakemus verkossa 1.3. mennessä 

1200 €
(sis. edestakainen ryhmälento Helsinki–
Windhoek, majoitus hostellissa sekä n. kahden päivän ajan isäntäperheissä, täysi ylläpito aterioineen, ohjelma ja opetus, retket sekä ryhmämatkavakuutus)

Lue peruutusehdot täältä.

Stanley Kavendjii, Dawid Bezuidenhout High School

Kesälukioseura ry ja Dawid Bezuidenhout High School.
Suomalainen matkanjohtaja-opettaja Laura Ketonen matkustaa ryhmän mukana.

Kesälukioseura, puh. 09 686 0770, toimisto (at)

HUOM! Kesälukio järjestetään, jos osallistujia on vähintään 10. Kaikki hakijat eivät välttämättä mahdu mukaan.

Huomaathan, että tämä on esittely kesän 2018 kesälukiosta.


Africa and Europe, black and white, rich and poor, hot and cold – forget this kind of confrontation, things are never so simple! Media produces stereotypes but travelling can break them. Namibia is not the whole Africa, but it is an excellent place to start exploring the continent.

If you are interested in themes such as conservation, development cooperation, globalization or interculturalism, you will get valuable experiences in them from grass-root level during this camp. Namibia’s friendly people, rich diverse culture and breathtaking landscapes are perfect post card material, but during the two weeks stay you will see the adventurous touristic faces of Namibia. You will meet young Namibians hear about their diverse culture and traditions.

Heritage, Cultural sharing and Nature conservation will be in the heart of the program: through art in many forms as well as discussions and workshops you will learn how to present your own culture in English, and explore other cultures in return. Other participants on the camp will be high school students from Namibia. Come and make connections of lifelong friendships with your Namibian peers!

Namibia and Finland connections are dated back in the early missionary years. The relationships between the two countries were formed almost 150 years ago and this Summer High School cooperation started in 2004. More than ten years of experience result in experienced staff and a quality program with workshops, visits and activities that bring together young people from different cultures and make the two weeks unforgettable. The only thing you need to do is keep an open mind and let Namibia surprise you!


Workshops and excursions will be in Windhoek and its surroundings. We will have the experience of the Namibian sunrise view at Spitzkoppe and sunset view at Swakopmund in the Atlantic Ocean. We will use Youth Centre and home accommodation.


Maailman kulttuurit kohtaavat (HI6)
If you wish to complete HI6, you will receive assignments before the camp and take an exam afterwards. Remember to select HI6 on your application.


Puhu ja vaikuta puhuen (ENA8)
To complete ENA8, you must participate in the oral exam in your own school.

Please agree on course compensation beforehand with your school.


National Museum, Finnish Embassy, Informal Settlements, Old location Cemetery.


Global Cultural Encounters
The basics and the concepts of cultural studies. We will concentrate on African cultures with emphasis on Namibian diverse cultures. Visits include

  • National Museum
  • Old location Cemetery
  • Informal Settlements
  • Women Centre Crafts
  • Harnas Wildlife Conservation